The question of the next-best-action has never been answered more concisely. goodmoves is a software service by res mechanica that autonomously conducts campaigns across complete customer relationships and all channels. Personalized, self-learning and sequence-aware.

Benefits of goodmoves

goodmoves offers personalized, autonomous campaign management for a diverse set of industries such as insurance, telecommunication companies, the financial sector or the electric power industry.

Core benefits:

Personalized business decisions.
goodmoves incorporates all available information of individual customers for personalized campaigns.

Self-optimizing and autonomous.
goodmoves learns by doing, immediately incorporating the feedback it receives after each decision. Campaign strategy is improved on the fly, dynamically responding to market trends.

Sequence-aware campaign strategies.
goodmoves incorporates the results from past engagements with a customer, crucial for reaching long-term objectives.

Easy to integrate.
Our software service can be integrated into your current systems with minimal effort.

Further benefits:

  • Respecting business rules. The decisions that goodmoves makes can be constrained by adaptable business rules.
  • Built-in performance dashboard. Keep a close eye on key performance indicators for data-driven decision-making.

goodmoves never stops improving

Managing campaigns along customer life cycles requires more than just a single well-chosen action - it requires an optimal sequence of actions. Our cutting-edge AI self-learns this optimal sequence of personalized interactions with your customers. Every time the AI receives feedback from a customer, the AI gets a little better at predicting the next best action.

Unlike standard approaches that model customer touchpoints as isolated events, our AI embraces the sequence-dependent nature of engagements over the full customer journey.

Aimed at increasing the customer lifetime value, our AI learns to balance short-term goals against long-term objectives - for example by sacrificing momentary revenue boosts to improve customer retention.

But we do not stop there. goodmoves dynamically adapts to market trends and disruptions. It is self-learning in nature, autonomously adapting to address new challenges and leverage unforeseen opportunities.

For a more complete picture of the inner workings of goodmoves, read our non-technical introduction.

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