"All that matters on the chessboard is good moves."
Bobby Fischer
- Eleventh World Chess Chamapion and winner of the "Match of the Century" -

NBA explained

Managing campaigns along costomer life cycles is like playing chess - both require an optimal sequence of actions.

Applying cutting-edge technologies, we identify the ideal strategy to optimize the sequence of all of your customer interactions in their entirety.

Opposed to standard approaches that try to model customer touchpoints as isolated events, we embrace the fact that the sequence of marketing decisions is inextricably intertwined and collectively decides over a successful customer journey.

Aiming at increasing the customer lifetime value, our technology allows to strike the perfect balance between short-term goals, for example, a momentary boost in revenue, and long-term objectives, as improved customer retention.

But we do not stop there. Our software is capable of dynamically adapting to market trends and disruptions. It is self-learning in nature and will find the right strategy to meet the challenges and opportunities to come.

We provide additional insights into the inner workings of our game-changing technology.

Our services

Applicable by a wide range of customers - including insurances, telecommunication companies, the financial sector, or the electric power industry - we offer next generation tools for your cross-channel campaign management.

They combine the following properties:

  • Personalized business decisions. Taking advantage of all available information, decisions are made dependent on context and geared toward the best possible outcome.
  • The software is self-optimizing. Automatically incorporating feedback from decisions made by the algorithm, strategies are validated on the fly and dynamically adapted to respond to the latest market trends.
  • Respecting business rules. Control decision making with a set of adaptable business rules, seamlessly integrated into our software service.
  • Staying in control. Decide for yourself how to incorporate the insights generated by the algorithm into your daily business routines.
  • Monitoring performance indicators. Keep a close eye on important performance indices and stay competitive by leveraging data-driven decision support.
  • Easy to integrate. Our software service can be integrated into your legacy systems with minimal effort.

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